Texas(TX) Two Step Number 33 Skip and Hit Patterns

Texas(TX) Two Step Number 33 Skip and Hit Patterns
Updated: Wednesday, December 31st, 1969 07:00 PM

The chart below shows you the skip and hit patterns for number 33, in Texas(TX) Two Step draws, from Fri May 18, 2001 to Thu Jun 23, 2022. There were 2202 draws during this period, and the chart is updated after each Two Step winning results are announced.

Texas(TX) Two Step is designed as a lottery game that consists of choosing 4 winning numbers from a pool of 35 numbers, and a number from a separate set of 35 numbers.

In theory, for the last 2202 draws that have taken place Fri May 18, 2001 through Thu Jun 23, 2022, each number should appear 252 times. However, number 33 has appeared 15 times, which was below average performance. Its last appearance was on the Mon May 09, 2022 draw, when the winning numbers were 16-17-22-33-28.

In the past 2202 draws from Fri May 18, 2001 to Thu Jun 23, 2022, the longest time period number 33 did not appear was 38 draws. The shortest time period number 33 did not appear was 0 draws (the number appeared in 2 consecutive draws).

This is no skip patterns appeared significantly more than others.

See the chart below for more detailed information on number 33's skip patterns. The orange horizontal bars show the length of each skip, with longer bars showing the longer skips.

Texas(TX) Two Step Number 33 Skip and Hit Patterns
Draw DateHits and Skips
Thu Jun 23, 202214-15-22-26-24
Skips 13
Mon May 09, 202216-17-22-33-28
Skips 0
Thu May 05, 202215-26-33-35-14
Skips 4
Thu Apr 21, 202207-08-25-33-29
Skips 3
Mon Apr 11, 202211-15-32-33-32
Skips 7
Thu Mar 17, 202213-27-33-35-11
Skips 3
Mon Mar 07, 202208-17-31-33-13
Skips 10
Mon Jan 31, 202206-14-30-33-12
Skips 6
Mon Jan 10, 202216-21-22-33-09
Skips 2
Mon Jan 03, 202202-21-29-33-21
Skips 2
Mon Dec 27, 202113-20-31-33-28
Skips 6
Mon Dec 06, 202105-13-31-33-34
Skips 24
Mon Sep 13, 202107-23-26-33-03
Skips 4
Mon Aug 30, 202104-09-13-33-19
Skips 9
Thu Jul 29, 202102-07-29-33-03
Skips 22
Thu May 13, 202109-16-23-33-34
Skips 38
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