Texas Lottery

Texas(TX) Cash 5 Most Winning Pairs

Use the information listed on this page to identify the 20 most winning pairs of . We update this page after each draw.

is a lottery game which chooses winning numbers from numbers. The numbers have 0 possible pair combinations, and the numbers resulted from each Cash 5 draw have 0 pair combinations. According to statistics, one pair combination should appear every 0 draws.

By combining our most winning pairs, with our Power Picks, you can easily generate potentially successful combinations.

The 20 most winning pairs of Cash 5 are calculated based on 3436 draws that have taken place Wed Jan 04, 2012 (04) through Tue Mar 21, 2023 (O61-O68-G51-G59-G58-O67-N36-G56-B01-B13-B10-I16-G46-I27-B06-B03-B11-I20-O69-I19-G60-G48-N44-O74-B14-O72-B09-O62).

In the total of 3436 draws, each pair combination is expected to appear 0 times. These below 20 most winning pairs obviously have above average performance.

Texas(TX) Cash 5 Most Winning Pairs
RankNum #1Num #2Appears