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Texas Daily 4 Winning Numbers, Prize Odds, How to play

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Daily 4 Prize Odds Chart
Daily 4 Prize Odds Chart

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 About Texas Daily 4

Texas Daily 4
Texas Lottery was announced in the year 1992. 25 percent of the Texas Lottery fund is contributed to schools for education, 5 percent is given to the retailer, 5 percent of the funds are preserved for the bureaucrat and 2 percent is contributed to Texas Legislature to carry out other agenda in Texas. Rest 63 percent is compensated for the prize.

Texas Daily 4 is one of the lottery games offered by Texas Lottery. It was started in the year 2007.

Texas Daily 4 is one of the lottery games offered by Texas Lottery. It was started in the year 2007.

Texas Daily 4 is played daily in a varieties of ways. Texas Daily 4 is played from Monday to Saturday. There is no game on Sunday.

Texas Daily 4 is made available to you in three rates, 5 cents, $1, and $5 and needs to be chosen from any of the seven different ways to play.

The main characteristic feature of Texas Daily 4 is that it gives you an opportunity to choose a set of two numbers from the play card. It can be numbers from the top or from the middle or from the end in the play card.

Another aspect of Texas Daily 4 is the .sum it up. offer. You have a great chance to win if the total of Texas 2 digit numbers or Texas 4 digit numbers match with the total of the numbers won. You will have to pay an extra of $.50 for playing the .sum it up. offer.

Sum it up can be played using any of the Texas Daily 4 methods. It is not necessary to achieve Daily 4 game for taking part in .sum it up..

Drawings are carried out daily at midday at 12:27 pm and in the night at 10:12 pm. Texas daily 4 tickets cannot be purchased between 12:15 to 12:30 pm and between 10:00 to 10:15 pm.

Drawings are made using automated ball machines. Determine the type of drawings you want to represent. You get a chance to play 12 continuous day drawings, 12 continuous night drawings or both continuous day and night drawings.

For this, you have to mark .DAY. for the day drawings, .NIGHT. for the night drawings and quit the space unmarked if you are playing both the drawings.

Drawings can be seen on TV or in person.

The jackpot prize is $ 5,000

 Texas Daily 4 How to Play

Texas Daily 4 How to Play
  1. Obtain Texas Daily 4 play card from the retailer.
  2. Each play card contains 5 assorted play parts.
  3. Each play card has four columns consisting of numbers from 0 to 9.
  4. Smudge your four digit number or two digit number from the numbers provided or you can choose the .quick pick box. in the computer and the numbers will be selected automatically. This can be possible if you mark in the play card accordingly.
  5. First number you choose should be marked on the first column, second number on the second column, third number on the third column and fourth number on the fourth column. Texas Daily 4 comprises of four modes of play-Straight/Exact order, Box/Any order, Straight/box/Exact/Any order and combo.

    Methods of playing Texas Daily 4

    • Straight/Exact Order:- If you choose the 'Exact Order' method, you can win only if the number you choose is in the same order as the number won.
    • Box/Any Order :- If you choose the 'Any Order' method, you can win even if the chosen number is in any order.
    • Straight/box/Exact order (or) Any Order :- If you pay a little extra, you get a chance to win if both the methods are applied at the same time.
    • Combo :- you win by playing various exact order combinations in one ticket.
    Select the mode, you wish to play. 6. You should be precise whether you are playing for the Day draw or for the Evening draw. The numbers you choose is acceptable for the adjacent draws.
Before introducing your completed play card to the retailer for the ticket, make sure the chosen number, dates and the mode of play are accurate.

Few other possibilities of winning Texas Daily 4 are:

  1. Front pair:-The first two digits you choose should in the same order as the number won. For $1 game, you win $50 and for 50 cents, you win $25.
  2. Mid pair-If the second and third number you choose tally with the winning number and then you win.
  3. Back pair- You are lucky if your last two numbers match with the numbers which are drawn.

Prizes of Texas Daily 4

The prizes of Texas Daily 4 are based on the possibility of digits which are repeated.

You are not supposed to make use of the Any order method if all the chosen numbers are alike.

 More About Texas Daily 4

Texas Daily 4 is an elementary game which can be played easily with fun. It is considered to be the first game to introduce the .pair play. method. Texas Daily 4 is considered to offer top number of alternatives for the player. Prizes should be claimed within 180 days. Chances of winning the exact order are 1 in 10,000 for prize of $5000.

The Texas Daily 4 can be played only if you have reached 18.

Texas Daily 4 payments are paid in full amount. There is no possibility of purchasing tickets through post, internet or phone. Texas Daily 4 tickets should be purchased from the recognised retailer.