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No jackpot winning ticket sold. Lotto Texas jackpot rises to $16,000,000 Monday

Lotto Texas payout and news
Updated: Sunday, March 3, 2024 01:52 AM

TX Lotto Texas lottery News and Payout for Saturday, March 2nd, 2024 Drawing

Saturday night's Lotto Texas drawing has yielded no grand prize winner for the $15,750,000 grand prize. With no one matched all 6 numbers in Lotto Texas game , Monday night's drawing will be worth $16,000,000 for a single winner. The winning numbers drawn Saturday night, March 2nd, 2024 were 02-19-39-46-48-52. The Lotto Texas grand prize has been rolling over for 27 draws since Monday, January 1st, 2024. The last jackpot was won by one lucky ticket which matched all six numbers for a $0 top prize.

Though the grand prize was not hit Saturday evening, some people still walked away with big piles of cash. There were 260 2nd prize winners sold Saturday night's Lotto Texas drawing, matching 5 of 6 winning numbers and won the second prize. 9 winning ticket(s) won $2,938 cash each. The other 251 lucky winning ticket(s) together with Lotto Xtra would win $155 cash. In the past year, the second prize payout ranged from $394 to $16,991 with an average payout $2,523.

In addition, 5682 tickets matched 4 of 6 numbers. 710 lucky winning ticket(s) would win $55 cash. Another 4972 third prize winning ticket(s) together with Lotto Xtra will collect $13 cash each. In the past 12 months, the third prize payout ranged from $19 to $64 with an average payout $50.

Lotto Texas drawings occur every Wednesday and Saturday night at 10:12 p.m. Central Time. To play Lotto Texas, go to any lottery retailer. Pick up a playcard and pick six numbers from 1 through 54. The chances of winning are about 1 to 71. The chances of matching all six Lotto Texas numbers are about 1 in 25 million. The minimum Lotto Texas jackpot is $4 million. If no ticket wins the grand prize, the top prize pool money will be carried over to the next jackpot.

With four different prize levels, there were a total of 64,242 winning tickets sold across Texas in the Saturday, March 2nd, 2024 drawing. Here is a detailed breakdown of the Lotto Texas prize payout for the Saturday night's drawing:

Texas Lotto Texas Payout 2024-03-02

MatchPrize Amount# of WinnersWhere
6 of 6 - Jackpot$15,750,000.000
5 of 6$2,938.009
4 of 6$55.00710
3 of 6$3.0014,141
2 of 6 0