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Texas Pick 3 Winning Numbers, Prize Odds, How to play

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Pick 3 Prize Odds Chart
Pick 3 Prize Odds Chart

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 About Texas Pick 3

Texas Pick 3 Lottery

Texas pick 3 is a well renowned and uncomplicated game which provides an amazing opportunity to win a prize and make money. Texas Lottery as the name suggests is a Lottery that is operated by the U.S government. It has its head quarters in Austin. It is available throughout Texas.

It was introduced in the year 1993, 2 years after lottery was legalized in Texas in 1991.

Texas Pick 3 is available as a part of Texas Lottery.

Texas Pick 3 is available to play at an extremely affordable price from 50 cents. The prize value is $250. In case you buy a $1 ticket, you stand to win $500. You would not even feel the pinch of the cost of the Texas pick 3 game, unlike the heat in Texas.

All you have to do is guess (either luckily or scientifically), 3 numbers and place bet on them. You need to select three numbers from 0 to 9. You can make a judgement on the method of play, the frequency and also the time which you are comfortable.

Texas Pick 3 drawings are done twice every day, once in the afternoon at 12:27 pm and then in the night at 10.12 pm. Tickets will not be available for sale between 12:15 and 12:30 pm and 10:00 to 10:15 pm. There is no Texas pick 3 game on Sunday.

Texas Pick 3 can be played in four modes.

  1. Exact order
  2. Any order
  3. Exact (or) Any orders
  4. Combo

 Texas Pick 3 How to Play

Texas Pick 3 Lottery How to Play?
  1. Visit your nearest Texas Pick 3 retailer.
  2. Once you convey your wish to play, you would be provided with a play slip
  3. A play slip is a card that can be read optically.
  4. The play slip contains 5 game areas marked A to E.
  5. You can totally play 5 games using one play slip.
  6. It is compulsory that the Texas pick 3 play slips be marked manually. Only a ticket that is generated from a manually marked play slip is valid.
  7. Now you need to decide your three digit number from 0 to 9. These numbers could be considered lucky by you or you could arrive at them from the Texas Pick 3 lottery.s historical data.
  8. In case you need help in choosing the 3 numbers, you may use Quick Pick where a computer would generate these numbers randomly for you. For this, you need to mark the play slip accordingly.
  9. Once you have decided the numbers mark them on the play slip.
  10. Use the 1st column for marking the 1st number, the 2nd column for the 2nd number and the 3rd column for marking the 3rd number.
  11. You then need to mark the amount you are betting.
  12. You then need to choose the mode of play you wish to choose for the Texas pick 3 games.
  13. There are 4 modes of play which is as explained later in this article.
  14. Make a decision on which time you wish to play, whether you are playing in the afternoon or in the night.
  15. If you choose to play both the draws, two autonomous Texas Pick 3 ticket will be given for the afternoon session and for the night session
  16. If you fail to indicate the time on the play slip, by default you qualify for the next draw.
  17. The number of drawings should be selected. There are 12 continuous drawings respectively in a week.
  18. Texas Pick 3 has another facility called .sum it up. where there is a great probability of winning a prize if the total of Texas Pick 3 number tallies with the total of selected three numbers in the drawings. You need to pay an extra amount of 50c.
  19. The peculiar feature of .sum it up. is that you do not have to predict the exact three digit numbers. You are lucky if the total of the winning Texas Pick 3 numbers are identical to the total of the number won.
  20. Once you have marked your numbers, hand over the play slip with 50 cents or $1 to the Texas Pick 3 retailer.
  21. He would then give you a ticket.
  22. Check the correctness of the ticket you have received for the date, the numbers you have placed bet on, draw details and the amount paid for the ticket.
  23. It is to be noted that a Texas Pick 3 ticket that is once sold will not, under any circumstance, be cancelled.

 More About Texas Pick 3

The lottery draws of Texas Pick 3 are held in Austin, using a group of mechanical ball. You can watch the draw either in person or on TV

It is interesting to know that 63% of the Texas Lottery sales are available as prize money.

25% is channelled towards funding education.


The players should have attained the age of 18, minimum.

Modes of Play

There are 4 methods to play Texas Pick 3 namely 'Exact Order', 'Any Order', Exact (or) Any Order' and 'Combo'.

The below example will help you to understand the methods better. Let us assume that the 3 numbers you choose are 1, 3 and 5, in that order.

  1. Exact Order:- If you choose the 'Exact Order' method, you would win only if the number drawn is 135.
  2. Any Order :- If you choose the 'Any Order' method, you would win only if the number drawn is either 135 or 153 or 351 or 315 or 513 or 531.
  3. Exact order (or) Any Order :- If you pay a little extra, you get to bet on both methods at the same time and stand a better chance to win money.
  4. Combo :- This is various exact order combinations

As far as Texas pick 3 lotteries is concerned, all prizes are ensured. Payment is in cash in one shot.

You stand to win $500 by betting with $1 and $250 by betting with 50 cents.

The chance of winning an exact order is 1 in 1000 which would give you prize money of $500.

Winners must claim their prize within 180 days else they would have to forfeit their prize.